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John Cockerill India celebrated the country’s 53rd annual National Safety Week

By Industry

Whether remote or on site, all of the activities organized by our Indian entity John Cockerill India Ltd., throughout this year’s National Safety Week, aimed at renewing its employees’ commitment to work safely throughout the year.

An objectif that is fully in line with John Cockerill’s desire to continuously improve its safety performance, including the efforts of developing a culture of prevention, and the strengthening of our Group’s culture of safety. Dedicated campaigns like the Indian National Safety Week, are essential to let safety become a part of our DNA and increasingly integrate safety in everything we do.

We know that safety is the result of the willingness and the commitment of our employees in safety and accident prevention. True to our Industry Business staff’s safety moto: “From Safety Day… to Every Day!”, this means for each one of us at John Cockerill that we must ensure that this Safety Culture is reflected in our behavior and actions on a daily basis.

Vivek Bhide, our Group Regional President India, commented: “Safety is and must be the first leadership value of every organisation. Caring about your people, and ensuring their well being, is the foundation of what it means to be a sustainable business.”

Michael Kotas, Managing Director of John Cockerill India Limited, added: “At John Cockerill we strongly believe that everyone can and must act on a daily basis to prevent accidents and work-related illness. For my part, I am, and will remain committed to work with all our employees to reach our objective of 0 accident!”

John Cockrill India plants trees as a CSR Initiative

Sowing Sustainability: John Cockerill India plants trees as a CSR Initiative

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In recent years, our Indian entity, John Cockerill India Limited has been actively organizing tree plantation drives as a regular activity under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. By the end of 2023, John Cockerill India Limited will have planted 3,000 trees. Additionally, these transformative initiatives are to support India’s national forest policy aiming for trees on 33% of the country’s area and restoring about 21 million hectares of forest by 2030.

In collaboration with its CSR partner, Green Yatra, this month’s tree planting event was organized close to our Group’s workshop in Taloja, symbolizing our dedication to environmental sustainability and supporting the local communities surrounding our company’s facilities. A tangible measure of solidarity, that, while it is far from offsetting our company’s GHG emissions, testifies to our Group’s common responsibility and commitment to sustainable development goals, working closely with its stakeholders.

Seeking to make a positive impact

Our tree plantation drivesoffer a unique opportunity for our employees to learn about environmental conservation, the importance of trees in mitigating climate change, and the significance of preserving biodiversity. This powerful activity provides valuable learning experiences for participants, all while fostering teamwork.

By organizing and participating in these drives, our Indian colleagues not only gain hands-on experience in planting and nurturing trees, understanding the specific requirements of different species, and learning about sustainable land management practices, they also demonstrate their commitment to addressing environmental challenges and contributing to the well-being of local communities.

A heartfelt acknowledgment to the several dozens of our employees who dedicated their time and energy and made this initiative a resounding success.

At John Cockerill we are convinced that symbolic initiatives like this help us raise awareness among our colleagues about one of our Group’s importantmissions: the need to reduce CO² emissions. It comes as a supplement to the recently launched exercise of measuring the carbon footprint of our Indian industrial sites and activities. An exercise that is conducted along with our Group’s environment experts for all of John Cockerill’s worldwide locations with the ultimategoal to help us reduce our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Tinplate-company awarded to John Cockerill

The Tinplate Company of India has awarded the contract for the supply of a Continuous Annealing Line to John Cockerill

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John Cockerill’s Indian entity has secured a contract from the Tinplate Company of India (TCIL), a subsidiary of Tata Steel, to install a Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) at the client’s Jamshedpur plant in Jharkhand. It adds to TCIL’s existing Cold Rolling Mills (CRMs), Electrolytic Tinning Lines (ETLs) and world-class Printing & Lacquering Lines.

A high-performance continuous annealing line to support the growth of the tinplate market

This investment is to support India’s leading tinplate producer in their goal to consistently offer high-quality products to meet its clients’ requirements in domestic and international markets, and will enable TCIL to enhance its share of value-added tinplate products and grow its overall market share.

The high degree of quality, reliability, flexibility, and safety for operators, guaranteed by the new CAL, will allow TCIL to adapt to the latest market demands, while positively contributing to sustainability and a reduced environmental footprint.

Proud to support India on its pathway to sustainable growth

John Cockerill India is to provide the design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of the plant and the equipment for the installation of the new CAL and is also in charge of the supervision of the erection of the line. Upon completion, the new line will produce 330,000 tons/y of high-quality annealed tinplate sheet per annum. The start of operations is scheduled early 2026.

John Cockerill is proud to have been chosen by such a first-class steelmaker to supply our latest innovative technologies for the processing of tinplate strip and to humbly contribute to India’s pathway towards sustainable growth.

Partnering for-growth in India!

Partnering for growth in India! A new CGL to be supplied to Indian steelmaker Jindal Steel & Power

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With the new CGL to be supplied to Indian steelmaker Jindal Steel & Power, John Cockerill Industry is set to become the supplier of choice of high-performance and sustainable Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL) in India.

After the recent contracts for two of the leading Indian steelmakers targeting the automotive & advanced high-strength steel market, this is a third order for the supply of a high-performance galvanizing line. This time, aiming at supporting the client with its expansion plans catering for a rapidly growing domestic construction market.

The advanced technology provided by this new line played a key role in choosing John Cockerill India for the supply of Jindal Steel Odisha’s (JSOL) new CGL. As such, the steel processing line will feature John Cockerill’s latest technologies & innovations that allow for increased energy efficiency, optimized zinc consumption and the highest level of corrosion resistance, leading to greater sustainability in the steel production process.

The value-adding features of this CGL range from the highly efficient multi-stage degreasing section to the high-performance non-oxidizing furnace with heat recovery system, and the ultra-rapid jet cooling Blowstab®. Additionally, the special sink roll arrangement allows to process a wide range of strip thicknesses, and the state-of-the-art dual lip type Air Knife, as well as John Cockerill’s latest vertical chemical coater technology, the 4 Hi Skin Pass Mill and 6 Hi Tension Leveler, contribute to highest possible strip quality.

The new line will be built at Jindal Steel’s integrated steel plant in Angul in the state of Odisha. It is to coat up to 400.000 tpa of steel strip ranging from 0.15 to 1.8mm thickness and 800 to 1680 mm width with an Al/Zn coating at a line speed of 200 mpm.

“We are proud of having been chosen by Jindal Steel & Power for the expansion of its steel production site in Angul, set to become the country’s largest capacity single-location steel plant. This new contract will not only enable us to contribute to building a self-reliant India, but also to the country’s journey towards sustainability. A target that is fully in line with our Group’s mission and values“, said Vivek BHIDE, Managing Director of John Cockerill India Ltd.

John Cockerill-delivered its first-equipment

A first for John Cockerill Industry: a Cold Rolling Mill in Spain!

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The Cold Rolling Mill supplied by John Cockerill Industry to a Spanish client, produced its first coil. What is more: defect free, saleable & with perfect build-up.

Though John Cockerill, along with the rest of the world, was deeply affected by the Covid pandemic, our Erection & Commissioning team remained on site, all while staying focused on helping this Spanish client to bounce back right after the Covid setback.
Therefore, the erection of the new 6Hi Cold Rolling Mill (6Hi CRM) only started in late 2021. The fact that the project has finally been crowned with success makes us all the happier. The production of the first coil, and the successful running of the mill at its maximum speed of 1200mpm, as off the seventh coil roll-out, are the visible signs of this success.

The design of the CRM eliminates safety concerns including safety fencing all around the area for the safe operation of the mill. Its process and optimized rolling parameters lead to improved surface finish and shape performance, as well as thickness reduction of the produced strip. This is the first mill to be erected in the European Union by John Cockerill Industry and underlines our desire to consistently provide quality in every project we undertake across our global organization.

Sébastien Roussel, Executive President John Cockerill Industry, shared his satisfaction with the Commissioning Team: “Great Work! Congratulations to the entire Project Team involved. This is a very important project milestone that has been achieved despite the encountered difficulties, and the worldwide pandemic. Let’s continue to provide this type of good work on all our projects.“


John Cockerill India receives Final Acceptance for the Cold Rolling Mill and continuous Color Coating Line supplied to Jindal (India) Ltd.

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The received Final Acceptance Certificates reaffirm John Cockerill India’s strong leadership position and is a testimony of the entity’s proven mill and processing line design and in-house production capabilities.

The Final Acceptance Certificates (FAC) received by John Cockerill Industry’s Indian entity for the supply of a 6High Reversing Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) and a versatile continuous Color Coating Line (CCL), by one of the country’s renown cold strip producers, impressively illustrates our Group’s strong leadership position in Cold Rolling and Steel Strip Processing on the Indian Sub-continent.

Jindal (India) Ltd. has entrusted the full supply of both of its new steel production facilities to John Cockerill India, reiterating its trust in our Group’s technologies and Indian manufacturing. We are delighted to help the client in their quest to consistently tapping into new opportunities by increasing production capacity, diversifying investments, and venturing into new businesses.

The new CRM, designed for an annual capacity of 250,000 tons at a speed of 1400 mpm, comes with proven roll shifting technology and provides positive and negative work roll bending and flatness measurement on the entry and on the exit side, allowing the client to produce the desired strip qualities in widths ranging from 700 to 1,600 millimeters and minimum final gauges down to 0.15 millimeters.

Additionally, the new robust and operator-friendly mill design is to allow for fast work roll changes and increased productivity, while its multi-zone cooling system, as well as the automatic hydraulic strip gauge & flatness control (AGC & AFC) system will ensure high flexibility and quality.

The highly versatile Color Coating Line is to produce coils with a multitude of paint coatings at a process speed of 150mpm, for coils ranging from width of 700 to 1450mm and thicknesses of 0.12 to 1mm.

John Cockerill is proud of its Indian teams for having successfully finalized this important project and for having once again showcased our profound ability to put the needs of our clients at the center of our business strategy.

Michael Kotas-appointed John Cockerill India

Michael Kotas appointed John Cockerill India Limited’s new Managing Director

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Following Vivek Bhide’s recent nomination to the post of Group Regional President for India, John Cockerill India Limited’s Board announced today the appointment of Michael Kotas as the company’s new Managing Director, effective June 1st, 2023.

Michael is a proven leader and brings considerable international business experience, as well as an exceptional track record in building business and delivering significant shareholder value. In the over 22 years of his international career, he has been filling various management functions and executive positions for some of the big players in the Metals industry. Michael joined John Cockerill in 2018 as Company Manager of John Cockerill UVK in Montabaur (Germany) specialized in Acid Regeneration Plants (ARP), Pickling and Degreasing lines, before moving to China in 2021 as Company Manager of Cockerill Engineering Beijing (CEB) serving the full Metals business. Michael will lead the future growth and development of John Cockerill India Limited to further leverage our presence in India.

Sébastien Roussel, Chairman of John Cockerill India and President of the Group’s Industry Sector said: “I am very happy to congratulate the former Managing Director of John Cockerill India Ltd., Vivek Bhide for his recent appointment as Regional President India of the John Cockerill Group, with the set goal to support the growth of all John Cockerill businesses in this strategic area. I want to thank Vivek unreservedly for his services and achievements within and for the Industry Sector since 2019.” Before adding: “Today we are welcoming Michael Kotas and I am confident that he will continue persuing the same successful path, and be instrumental in the further implementation of the Indian growth strategy envisaged by our Sector and the John Cockerill Group.“

JohnCockerill-Industry's President talks sustainability,growh in the Steelworld magazine

John Cockerill Industry’s President talks sustainability, growth and technological evolution in the Steelworld magazine

By News

John Cockerill Industry’s President and Chairman of the Board of John Cockerill India in an interview and on the cover of the “Steelworld” Magazine: Sébastien Roussel talks sustainability, growth strategy and technological evolution.

​​​​​​​“John Cockerill is well set up to support a fast-growing Indian market and help Indian steelmakers on their path towards sustainable and responsible steelmaking.” In an interview with the Indian magazine Steelworld, John Cockerill Industry’s Executive President and Chairman of John Cockerill India‘s Board of Directors, Sébastien Roussel explains:

  • Why investing into its Indian footprint for the past 15 years has proved to be the right strategy for John Cockerill, and why ambitions remain high.
  • How the unique technologies & professional services provided by this sector of activity are heading the way to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective future for steel processing, both in India and globally.
  • How John Cockerill Industry is further strengthening its Indian presence to support the country’s economic growth story.
  • Why R&D is key to achieve profitable growth and how the investment in emerging technologies is to conquer climate change.
  • And why investing into its new “Industrial Project Services” (IPS) business, oriented towards a more carbon-efficient and cleaner future, is so important for John Cockerill.
Towards more-sutstainable steel with JohnCockerill

Towards more sustainable steel for Jindal Steel & Power with John Cockerill’s Acid Regeneration technology

By News

​​​​​​Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. is aiming at reducing the environmental footprint of its Odisha (India) steel plant with two of John Cockerill Industry’s green technology Fluidized Bed Acid Regeneration Plants (FB ARP).

As part of this leading steelmaker’s investment plan into what is to become the largest and greenest steel plant in India, the 2 ARPs with a capacity of 3,600 lph each, will allow to achieve extremely low dust and acid mist emissions, as well as the recycling of close to 100% of the spent pickling liquor generated in the client’s steel manufacturing process.

In combination with the perfectly matched tank farm, guaranteeing the efficient management of all consumables, the new installation will be lowering or even eliminating other waste streams, including waste water and solid hazardous waste, all while providing highest possible process security, throughput and plant availability.

Features that are leading, next to eco-friendliness, to considerably improved operating cost.

An investment reflecting Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.’s desire to invest into circular economy and an eco-friendlier future, and one more installation supplied by John Cockerill showcasing how we are assisting our steelmaking clients in their transition towards efficient, low carbon, smart and responsible steelmaking.

John Cockerill-delivered its first-equipment

John Cockerill delivered its first equipment for one of India’s leading steelmaker’s new Continuous Galvanizing Line

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The first shipment for one of India’s leading steelmaker’s new Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) and flexible steel processing line, combining continuous galvanizing and annealing (CGAL), left our workshop close to 2 months ahead of schedule. What a great recognition for all members of our passionate project team who helped us hit this important milestone.

With the completion of the Basic Design at the end of August 2022, the first project milestone was already reached within the agreed time schedule. The first dispatch to the client’s site in the state of Gujarat, is the second important milestone of John Cockerill Industry’s biggest order ever and the first of many more to come in the months ahead. Upon its completion, the overall volume of the equipment deliveries will amount to around 20,000 tons.

John Cockerill is proud to accompany its steelmaking client in the production of sustainable high-performance steel.