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On 6th July 2024, John Cockerill Industry’s Indian workshop in Taloja completed 4000 consecutive safe working days! This remarkable milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to safety and the dedication of our entire team.

At John Cockerill, safety is our top priority, and reaching 4000 safe working days is a testament to the diligence, vigilance, and commitment of each team member. The collective adherence to safety protocols and proactive approach have been crucial in maintaining a secure workplace environment.

This accomplishment reflects our strong safety culture and reinforces our position as a leader in safety excellence. We are incredibly proud of our team’s efforts and dedication to upholding the highest standards of safety.

Fred Martin, Head of Industry’s Metals Business Line says: “Our success in continuing to achieve Loss Time accident-free days is a clear indication of our team’s exceptional commitment to safety. This milestone is not just a number; it represents the collective efforts of everyone at John Cockerill to create a safe and secure working environment. Congratulations to all!”

John Cockerill India’s Managing Director, Michael Kotas adds: “This achievement showcases the outstanding safety culture we have cultivated at John Cockerill. Each team member’s dedication to safety has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Let’s continue to prioritize safety and aim for even greater heights. Well done, team!”

Now more than ever, we cannot become complacent. The goal is and will always remain “ZERO”! Our commitment towards safety continues to be our guiding principle. Here’s to many more safe and successful days ahead at John Cockerill!