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Whether remote or on site, all of the activities organized by our Indian entity John Cockerill India Ltd., throughout this year’s National Safety Week, aimed at renewing its employees’ commitment to work safely throughout the year.

An objectif that is fully in line with John Cockerill’s desire to continuously improve its safety performance, including the efforts of developing a culture of prevention, and the strengthening of our Group’s culture of safety. Dedicated campaigns like the Indian National Safety Week, are essential to let safety become a part of our DNA and increasingly integrate safety in everything we do.

We know that safety is the result of the willingness and the commitment of our employees in safety and accident prevention. True to our Industry Business staff’s safety moto: “From Safety Day… to Every Day!”, this means for each one of us at John Cockerill that we must ensure that this Safety Culture is reflected in our behavior and actions on a daily basis.

Vivek Bhide, our Group Regional President India, commented: “Safety is and must be the first leadership value of every organisation. Caring about your people, and ensuring their well being, is the foundation of what it means to be a sustainable business.”

Michael Kotas, Managing Director of John Cockerill India Limited, added: “At John Cockerill we strongly believe that everyone can and must act on a daily basis to prevent accidents and work-related illness. For my part, I am, and will remain committed to work with all our employees to reach our objective of 0 accident!”