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In recent years, our Indian entity, John Cockerill India Limited has been actively organizing tree plantation drives as a regular activity under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. By the end of 2023, John Cockerill India Limited will have planted 3,000 trees. Additionally, these transformative initiatives are to support India’s national forest policy aiming for trees on 33% of the country’s area and restoring about 21 million hectares of forest by 2030.

In collaboration with its CSR partner, Green Yatra, this month’s tree planting event was organized close to our Group’s workshop in Taloja, symbolizing our dedication to environmental sustainability and supporting the local communities surrounding our company’s facilities. A tangible measure of solidarity, that, while it is far from offsetting our company’s GHG emissions, testifies to our Group’s common responsibility and commitment to sustainable development goals, working closely with its stakeholders.

Seeking to make a positive impact

Our tree plantation drivesoffer a unique opportunity for our employees to learn about environmental conservation, the importance of trees in mitigating climate change, and the significance of preserving biodiversity. This powerful activity provides valuable learning experiences for participants, all while fostering teamwork.

By organizing and participating in these drives, our Indian colleagues not only gain hands-on experience in planting and nurturing trees, understanding the specific requirements of different species, and learning about sustainable land management practices, they also demonstrate their commitment to addressing environmental challenges and contributing to the well-being of local communities.

A heartfelt acknowledgment to the several dozens of our employees who dedicated their time and energy and made this initiative a resounding success.

At John Cockerill we are convinced that symbolic initiatives like this help us raise awareness among our colleagues about one of our Group’s importantmissions: the need to reduce CO² emissions. It comes as a supplement to the recently launched exercise of measuring the carbon footprint of our Indian industrial sites and activities. An exercise that is conducted along with our Group’s environment experts for all of John Cockerill’s worldwide locations with the ultimategoal to help us reduce our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.