Board of Directors
Mr. Sebastien Roussel
Mr. Sebastien Roussel who joined the Group nearly 16 years ago and has multi-sector experience. After obtaining his Master’s degree as Business Engineer in 2002, Mr. Roussel joined ArcelorMittal as Purchasing Manager.

From 2006, he began to work for ten years as a Project Manager for Energy Solutions. After an expatriate experience in the United States as CFO at Energy’s entity located in Erie, he joined the Industry sector as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 3 years.

Mr. Roussel then set up the Shared Execution Resources & Methology (SERM), as Global Head of Operations covering the operational activities generated by the 15 Companies of the John Cockerill Industry Sector and John Cockerill Environment Sector.

His functional responsibilities included Engineering (including Quality Control), Procurement (including Sourcing), Project Management (including Erection & Commissioning, Scheduling, Claim & Contract management), PMO (including IT and QSEI).

Mr. Sebastien Roussel has been a member of the Extended Comex for 2 years. He also hold a Certificate of Completion in AMA’s Advanced Executive Leadership Program delivered by the American Management Association in 2016.